At the Hatton Centre for Education we are able to provide bespoke support for schools, departments and individuals right across the organisation. We know that being a successful school is about everyone who is a part of that team, those involved in chalk face education, those involved in leadership at all levels and particularly those involved in the operational functions of a school.

Effective school to school support is a highly collaborative process. It begins with an exploration of data and documentation; then face-to-face or online conversations to review, plan and implement the support that would be needed.

This allows school leaders to see first-hand how the provision is evaluated and play a key strategic role in the development.


Our team of highly experienced school leaders, with outstanding track records, work closely with schools to identify and address priority areas. Any programme is professionally and sensitively implemented with mutually agreed actions and outcomes.

Why not contact us to talk through your needs and we can explore how we can work together for the benefit of the young people of this region.